Gavin Gao

CVer, SLAMer, Engineer, Coder, Traveller, Hiking, HAM

Research Interests

  • Skills: CV, SLAM, VIO, MSF, HPC
  • Fields: XR (AR, VR, MR), Robotics (Mobile Robot, Autonomous Driving, Drones)


  • AlgDS: Data Structures and Algorithms

  • cvkit: Computer Vision Kit

  • imu_x_fusion: IMU + X(GNSS, 6DoF Odom) Loosely-Coupled Fusion Localization based on EKF(ESKF, IEKF), UKF(UKF/SPKF, JUKF, SVD-UKF) and MAP(GN, LM)

  • rgbdslam_cg: 根据高翔博客《一起做RGB-D SLAM》,从零搭建 RGBD-SLAM

  • msckf_stereo_c: Stereo MSCKF based on MSCKF_VIO without ROS and 3rd Parties like Eigen, OpenCV, PCL, etc.

  • ARDemoGL: AR Demo based on ROS and Pangolin

  • CardDemoQt: Card Management Demo with Qt5

  • ZigBeeSCADA: SCADA Software for Sending to and Receiving Datas from ZigBees to Monitoring and Controling ClassRooms’ Devices

  • multi_agent_visual_tracking: based on the CamShift visual tracking and Image Stitching algorithms on the platform of MultiAgent Control

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